Internet For Business

5 Benefits of Business grade internet connection

1. Fast access to Cloud based services
2. Improve staff internet efficiency
3. Backup without buffering
4. Reliable remote connection to office
5. Support backed by service levels

So what's the difference between a business Ethernet connection and ADSL2+ internet?

To answer simply;
The internet connection is dedicated to your business (1:1 contention ratio) meaning it's not shared with any other connection.
The upload speed is fast as the download speed
Unlimited data
Its backed by a service level, meaning there is a guarantee that it will be available

Depending upon what technology is available in your telephone exchange and the infrastructure to office will determine the internet options you have.

How can we help?

Espressonet is a Sutherland Shire based telecommunication provider with a focus on business.

We have the technology and working experience to help with determining the best solution for your business with ongoing support. Our goal is to provide your business with all options available with simple to understand pricing.
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Inpire Cowork
Espressonet helps Aidan Green from Inspire Cowork determine the best internet connection for his customers.

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  • Onshore support
  • A dedicated account manager for your business
  • Carrier grade solutions meaning very reliable technology
  • Competitive equipment pricing and call rates
  • No more wasting time trying to sort out simple issues